Printable Holiday Card Pack
Printable Holiday Card Pack

Printable Holiday Card Pack

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Our Holiday Card Pack contains the following:

-8 different Optical Illusion Greeting Cards
-4 sets of Banana Cards
-Holiday Flexagon
-BONUS: Bell Tota Printable Activity

This is a digital product! You will receive a PDF file you can download and print.

Requirements: All projects in this Card Pack require the use of a computer and printer to download/print them.

Materials Required for all projects (not included): Cardstock, A2 Envelopes, Scissors, Tape, and Glue.

Additional Materials for Bell Tota (not included): Ribbon, Paint, Bell, Beads

NOTE: Periodically, I may put products on sale or update my products. I am not liable for offering refunded amounts to individuals who have purchased the product for the full amount before or after a sale time is over or an update has been done. Thank you for your understanding.